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Connected Families are
Strong Families.

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We believe connected families make stronger families.

Claire and Andrea are two adoptees with two different levels of openness in their adoption stories. After connecting through the online adoption community, they quickly saw a gap that needed to be filled.

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Stephie Predmore

As an Adoptive Parent, having a resource to make connection with Birth Family easier can be a real lifeline. POST makes it fun and simple and beautiful all at once and gives our daughter something she can come back to again and again as she grows.

Ashley Mitchell

After navigating over 15 years of an open adoption, as a Birth Mother, I know that a service like POST is vital to keep connection alive and allow all sides of the constellation an opportunity to give and receive information in safe and healthy spaces."

Macie Perreault

As an Adoptive Mom, I can't think of a more valuable resource to offer my child.  It will help Adoptees bridge the gaps in their stories, celebrate the joy, and process the grief of living life adopted as well as equip Adoptive Parents in a way that I never felt was possible.

Increased connection, education, and policy create healthier adoptive families.

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