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POST Resource is an Adoptee-owned-post-placement services company created to bring connection to the entire adoption constellation through tools, resources, and education via our Connection Boxes and Subscription Services. Read more about us below in our Mission Statement, our Values, and more about Claire and Andie.


POST strives to provide ethical, adoptee-created and centered adoption education and resources to the entire adoption constellation. As adoptees ourselves, we know the struggle adoptees face in regards to access to our own families, stories, and information.  No matter the agency or legal requirements, both Adoptive and Birth parents have not and are not ethically educated or trained concerning all aspects of adoptee-centered adoption placement.


At POST, we strive to provide adoptees and their families with the right tools to foster connection with birth families by educating the constellation through curating modern, adoptee-centered resources. We will always place the adoptee’s right to information at the forefront and create beautiful and meaningful ways for them to stay connected to their families, stories, and information. 


When adoption is the only option, we believe that connected families are strong families.   By providing our “no excuse” templates and thoughtfully crafted activities, we can help countless adoptees like us have a piece of themselves and their first family to hold onto for a lifetime. 



Our Mission

About Us

Claire Hudson

Claire is an domestic infant Adoptee who hails from Charlotte, NC. Her motive behind POST is to provide the resources that she did not have as an adoptee whose adoption was closed. Claire is married with three beautiful and spunky children. She is an accountant by trade and is fully the brains of this operation.

In her spare time, she fills it with family time and starting companies with people she met on the internet. 


Andie Coston

Andie is an domestic infant Adoptee and Adoptive Parent formerly of Rural Northern Michigan who moved to Charlotte, NC to start a business with a stranger she met on the internet. She now resides in Illinois. Her motivation for POST is to provide a resource she would have used in her adoption that began as closed that her adoptive parents opened.

She is married with four beautiful and snarky children. She is a Trauma Therapist and marketeer by education and is the creative force behind this venture.


Adoptees are not commodities

Our first Value: Adoptees are not commodities.

  • We believe that the commodification of Adoptees is not ethical. Each Adoptee is the owner of their own lived experiences and should be so at all times starting at birth.

    • All Adoptee stories we share are shared with consent via a legal agreement that will allow them to retract or modify their work at any time.

    • We will not post nor reshare content containing any identifying story, information, or imagery of Adoptee minors or minors in general.

  • We believe that both Birth and Adoptive Parents should not share their Adoptee’s story at any time.

    • Our company will not reshare posts we are tagged in that contain identifying information or imagery of an Adoptee minor.

  • We believe Adoptees should be paid for their work and sharing of their lived experiences. We commit to paying all Adoptees we collaborate with.

Our Values

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