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Adoptee Connection Kit

Adoptee Connection Kit

Designed with all Adoptees in mind, the POST Starter Kit will jumpstart or revitalize your post-placement journey, guiding you through discovering connection and providing resources and empowerment through education.


 POST believes that every adoptee has a biological right to ownership over their story. POST strives to equip Adoptees, their biological families, and their adoptive families with the information and tools to foster healthy connections for a lifetime.

Each Starter Kit comes with our “Connection Box” custom designed to hold your child’s story, moments, and memories. The kit also include the following:

  • Activity kit designed to foster connection for your child and their story.
    • The activity kit includes specific instructions and prompts to help parents and caregivers facilitate.
  • Angela Tucker’s “Adoptee Manifesto” framed and ready for display.
  • The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse by Charlie Mackesy
  • A matching POST journal and pen.
  • POST merchandise including a mug, a tote, and vinyl stickers.




    If you are an Adoptive Parent purchasing a Starter Kit and you are in an open adoption, it is intended that Adoptive Parents provide the Birth Mother Starter Kit and any additional Connection Boxes as applicable.

    If you are shipping to multiple addresses, please do seperate transactions.

    Please contact POST with any questions.


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